Techno Group has a perfect managing system for operation and order-in.
Plant management is based on the system used in Japan, but it has been carefully tailored to the situation of different countries.
Production and Quality Control are handled by well-experienced Japanese Staff.

To meet with customers' requests, we offer planning, research & developing, design, molding, materials locating, testing,
prototype manufacturing, mass production, inspection, quality assurance and aftercare service.

Management Concept

Company Policy

Reliable Company Management is based on the ability of business development on the global scale and the ideas for creation of good products.

Quality Policy

  • ■ Raising Customers' Satisfaction
  • ■ Creation of High Quality
  • ■ Full Utilization of Utmost of Quality Control System
  • ■ Perfect Implementation of Quality Control System

Corporate Outline

Techno Group - Asian Network

Established Mar.1990
Products R&D Design
Final Products,
Assembly of Printers,and Audio Appliances
Plastic Injection,Painting,
SMT Implementation
Injection Mold
Address 【H.K. Head office】
Hong Kong

【China Factory】
3 Bases in Shenzen
1 Base in Zhuhai
【Thailand Factory】
Amata Nakorn,Chonburi

【The Philippenes Factory】

Tokyo(Japan Head office),
Nara Branch
Number of employees Around 3,000persons(Whole Group)

Masakazu Kawamura

Akira Oigo

Group and Capital

Company Established Capital
Technoplas(Hong Kong)Co.,Ltd. Mar, 1990 US$5million
Zhuhai Dynamic Electoronic Co.,Ltd. Jan, 1991 US$3million
New Techno Power Co.,Ltd. May,1994 US$3.8million
Techno Tool Co.,Ltd. Apr,1997 US$2.5million
Technoplas Japan Co.,Ltd. Apr,1997 JP¥9.5million
Technoplas Industry(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. Sep,2004 US$8million
Techno Tool (Thailand)Co.,Ltd. May,2005 US$1.6million
Techno MAX(H.K.)Co.,Ltd. May,2008 US$2.5million
Techno Mold PLAS(Phils.)Inc. Apr,2013 US$1.2million


Mar/1990 Technoplas HK Limited was established as manufacturer
July/1990 Started assembly of Headphones.(KOSS)
Jan/1991 Dynamic electronic enterprise Ltd. was established.
May/1994 New Techno Power Co.,Ltd was established.
July/1996 Started assembly of thermal line printer for Point Of Sales system.(NEC)
Apr/1997 Techno Tool Co.,Ltd was established as manufacturer of die tooling for plastic parts.
Apr/1997 Technoplas Japan Co.,Ltd. was opened as sales department for Japanese customer.
Nov/1998 Started SMT lines.
Aug/2000 Started assembly of Humidifier designed by ourselves.(Mitsubishi)
Apr/2002 Started assembly of Stamping Machine for Pitney Bowes.
May/2004 TECHNO INDUSTRY THAILAND was established.
Mar/2008 Techno Max joined TECHNO GROUP
Aug/2013 TechnoMold plas Philippines was established

ECO POLICY (Besides Eco Policy, the followings are the major task we have to do)

  • ■ Restricting Consumption of Resources & Energy
    We will try our best to cut down the daily consumption of paper, electricity, energy resources and waste.
    At the same time, we will recycle the waste rationally.
  • ■Prevention of Environmental Pollution
    When we use chemicals, we will try our best to carry out the management system to minimize the Environmental
    Pollution in order to cut down the Environmental Load.
    At the same time, we will recycle the waste rationally.
  • ■Following Environmental Law & Regulations
    Following Environmental Law & Regulations of each country, together with respect of our customers, we will continue
    to improve our system of Environmental Protection.
  • ■Maintenance of Environmental Protection
    Having set up the target and planning to Protect the Environment, we will keep on searching suitable ways to process.
    In addition, we will educate our staff to increase the knowledge of Environment Protection when carrying out daily management.