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Technoplas Shenzhen Co.,Ltd.

Address Block C,D Technoplas Ind. , Sheng Bao Road, Kangle Community, Nan Wan Street, Longgang, Shenzhen, China
TEL 86-755-2872-5777
FAX 86-755-2872-5725
Business R&D Design
Final products
Products Printer,Pffice automation machineries,
Home appliance,Auto mobile part
Qualifications ISO9001
Medical equipment Foreign manufacturer
As the Mother Factory of Techno Group, it performs injection and assembly business.
Assembly can end up to finished products. from here, we export products to different countries via Hong Kong.
In addition, we also have Sales Department, R & D Department and Procurement Department.
We have injection machines from 20 ~ 1300ton.
For painting, we have robot and manual systems.
Photo Photo
Molding machines from japan
Robot Painting(3lines)
Thermal printer   Finisher Unit   Copy machine   ADF & Scanner Unit
Thermal printer   Finisher Unit   Copy machine   ADF & scanner

Techno Tool Shenzhen


Zhongguo Guangdongsheng Shenzhenshi,
Longgangqu Bujijiedao Jihualu (Shangxueduan),
Hongmenkejiyuan D-dong 1-lou.

TEL 86-755-8970-0588
FAX 86-755-8970-0588-804
Business Desugn & Producing Molding for Plastic Injection
Production Capacity:40 units / month
Products Molding for Max. 1,300tons Injection Machine
Hot runner mold, Steel surface coating
Gas injection mold, Weld less injection mold
The Techno Tool Factory has Japan made Processing Machines, by using CAD/CAM・CAE System, we can make tooling molds of OA Machineries, cars accessories, precise parts, etc. with capacity from 20 ~ 1300ton.
From making of internal molding usage, The Techno Tool Factory also export moldings to Thailand and other South-east Asian Countries. We also have good experience in Hot Liner, Gas Injection, In mold gate-cut, Engineering Plastic(PBT/PPS) which makes our customers have great confidence in us.
Having been set up in China for more than 15 years, we have produced over 6000 pieces of molding. During this long period, we make use of our technology and experience to find out and solve the problem we met. And our integrated process (Structure Consideration → Design → Making of → Experimental Production) is highly evaluated.

New Techno power Shenzhen

Address Zhongguo Guangdongsheng Shenzhenshi,
Longgangqu Bujidaoshuijingshequ Jihualu 399hao,
Hongmengongyeyuan changfang C-zuo 101.
TEL 86-755-2825-0052
FAX 86-755-2825-0082
Business Board Implementation AI (SMT,AI Implementation)
Adhesive application SMT implementation
Single and double-sided SMT implementation and Soldering
Assembly, Lead free implementation.
Correspondence possible chip size 0603,CSP.
Products SMT, PC board assembly
Electronic assembly module for product
Headset, Remote Control
Qualifications ISO9001:2000
SONY Green Partner
The New Techno Power Factory has an extended floor space of approximately 2,300㎡. Here we mainly process chip-mounting for remote controls, accessories for mobile phones and assembly for AV units. We also assemble COB and FPC circuit boards for electronic equipment on a line outfitted for surface and insertion mounting., 24-hour on shift.
Besides, we also assemble different products of famous brands from Japan and Europe.
In addition, we have experience in QFP、CSP、LGA Mounting. The management system is based on the ISO9001 and ISO14001. In addition, we have skilled workers trained by Japanese Experts. And our well-developed system gives our customers great satisfaction.